Mikogo v. 2.0.3?

Posted: February 17, 2009 in Internet, Networking, New Tech, Software, Windows
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I like Mikogo, it’s a great screen sharing app, as you’ve probably read about me saying before. I wont post this press, due tomorrow, this time, because it’s really not that interesting. Really the only parts of it that relate to the new release are three two line paragraphs in the middle of the one page article. Here are the three paragraphs:

“In an effort to save time and money, businesses continue to seek ways to accomplish tasks via online collaboration, and hence a reliable real-time screen sharing solution becomes the gem of corporate Web tools. Take for example tech support personnel remotely assisting clients, sales reps conducting product demos, or consultants making Web presentations.

In fact anyone wishing to collaborate via the Internet is in need of the most reliable solution to real-time collaboration in order to get the task done professionally and efficiently. Clearly this depends heavily on the speed of the desktop sharing technology involved.

With Mikogo’s improved speed and core technology, businesses have a solution that will reliably and quickly transmit any screen contact over the Web, including high-definition graphics and images.”

Basically they’re saying because there is “instant screen build up” Mikogo users should now be able to see their colaborators’s screen sooner. That’s not the case. I feel bad about saying all of these things about the new Mikogo release, when they gave me the press release a day early, and always respond to my emails, but I need to say this, I’m trying to no have a biased review. Today in Lego practice programming was still excruciatingly slow, despite the new “faster” “instant screen build up” feature. I know this is probably mostly due to the fact that my computer is getting relatively old, so it can only handle the transfer of so much data at a certain speed. And the fact that I was running Skype, Firefox and a few other apps at the same time didn’t help the situation at all. It’s not Mikogo’s fault that programming is slow, that the whole screen refreshing speed is slow, it’s more my computer. Another weird thing that was happening was that Mikogo said I was still in a meeting after I had left, and said I wasn’t in the meeting when I was actually present.

You can draw your own conclusion from this article.

  1. dreamology says:

    There is another similar site condron.us. Give them a try too.

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