Why I code…

Posted: March 8, 2009 in Blogroll, Code, Internet

I started learning to write HTML code when I was about 10, then stopped for awhile, and only wrote basic HTML sporadically. Then last year I started taking a class from Pottersschool.net called Web Design I. In that class I started learning how to program XHTML and CSS. That was last year. This year we’re learning Python, and next semester we, meaning my class, will start learning how to program JavaScript. But to address the title of the post, why I code. I code because I like computers, and am interested in what makes them able to preform tasks. My first coding experience was building webpages, and because I like to share information with others, I quickly caught on to that. So far I’ve built many websites through other hosting websites such as Freewebs.com and this website, WordPress.com, but not any, probably less than five, actual websites that appear on the internet with XHTML or HTML. Now why do I blog at WordPress when I have a pretty good grasp of XHTML and CSS? I could make my page look like anything I want! I think that’s mostly because of what a large amount of content I have on this blog here. As I write this I have 108 different posts and 17 pages. That’s a lot of content. I think my second reason is that I have a fairly large reader base. My reader base is small compared to some website’s 30,000 visitors a day, but that’s okay with me. On average I get about 20 unique visitors to my blog, which is pretty good. This is pretty good, I think, and I don’t really want to just pick up and move to another blog, which would take days just  moving the content of my blog, 108 different posts, and 17 pages, and that’s not including the 67 comments which I would have to leave behind. I’ve tried before, and it failed miserably. I started moving content, forgot some pages, tried a few different layouts, and it didn’t work. I guess some of the pages I have wouldn’t necessarily need to be full pages alone, I could downsize, like I have in the past, moving to some 28 pages down to 17. This doesn’t necessarily pertain to the whole question of why I code, but it plays a minor part, I believe. I like coding, I like building webpages that others can come and visit, and leave learning something new, that’s why I blog. I don’t really know why I like coding, I haven’t come to a use for learning python yet. Sure I’ve made programs that make and read text files, sort numbers manually, but that’s basic stuff, which I will build upon in the future, I currently don’t have a use for it, but I know I will, and I enjoy learning how to program, it presents a challenge, and it opens a lot of doors that would otherwise be closed.


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