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Some of you may have heard of Bookmarklets, possibly from this LifeHacker story, Ditch your extensions for Bookmarklets. Bookmarklets are kinda like extensions, or addons as we Firefox users are used to calling them, except that they aren’t something you install into a browser, Bookmarklets are a bookmark, that does something. And in the case of Bookmarklets, can take the place of some addons. Here are my three favorite Bookmarklets.

1. Capture Screenshot. Capture Screenshot is a bookmarklet that takes a screenshot of the current webpage. To use you go to the webpage you want a screenshot of, and click the Capture Screenshot bookmark on your bookmarks toolbar. Once you click the Capture Screenshot bookmarklet a new tab will open with the picture of that webpage in it. Here’s an example of my taking a screenshot of the login page for Yahoo! mail. 
Now on the right of the screen you will see a small box, with a sliding bar labeled “size:”. If you drag it to the left or the right the image will grow smaller or larger, depending on which way you drag it. To select part of the webpage just click and drag your mouse over the part or parts you want to select. Now once you do this you will notice the “width:” and “height:” boxes that were gray and unusable are now usable, which you can now input different numbers for length and width of your selection. Once you’ve got the selection you want just click the “Cut Out” button, which will take us to a differnt webpage where you can post this image to your website or Flickr, add an annotation to your selection, add a video comment to your selection, email it to a friend, or get the HTML code to embed it on your website. Also on this page you can decide on the Size of your image selection, you can decorate it by adding a border, rounding the image or adding a shadow (you can also customize the shado color). To use this bookmarklet click and drag it into your Bookmarks Toolbar.

Capture Screenshot

2. I found this addon on, while I was looking for Chrome addons. Bookmarklets are commutable, meaning that they can go between different browsers, so I decided to try and see if this addon, Chrome Split Browser, worked in Firefox. It does, so this is a very cool addon, or bookmarklet, depending on what you want to now call them, which can take the place of some addons, and built in features of newer browsers. Chrome Split Browser does just what it’s name describes, it splits the browser into two frames, which can both hold a different webpage, for easier comparing and for other reasons. Here’s a snapshot of the bookmarklet in action:

Chrome Split Browser

3. Download PDF is a bookmarklet that will let you go to a certain website and download a .PDF version of that webpage. All you have to do is go to the website you want a .PDF copy of, click the Download PDF bookmarklet, which will take you to a webpage from, which will prompt you to download a .PDF file, which is the .PDF equivalent of the webpage you decided to download.

Download PDF

Note, to use any yof these bookmarklets just click and drag the Capture Screenshot, Chrome Split Browser and/or Download PDF link into your browser bookmarks bar.


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