Why a fast internet connection wont necessairily help you out.

Posted: March 17, 2009 in Internet, Networking

Some people still have Dial-up, with a speed of probably around 8 Mbps, which is extremely slow, as you know if you’ve ever used Dial-up before. Now I have a wireless internet connection that usually runs at about 54 Mbps, but is currently runnins at 48 Mbps, for some reason, but as I’ve noticed, no matter what I’m doing, on a Skype call, playing a game on InstantAction.com, playing some world building game or whatever, I’ve never used up more than about 5% or my internet connection, so whether or not I go and plug my computer into my Router, which will present me with around 100 Mbps, I still can’t utilize that connection, because I never, ever, get to more than 5% of my internet connection, no matter what I’m doing.


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