Why I might want to be on a social network…

Posted: March 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’ve said time and time again that I think that social networks are worthless, that they are a waste of time, and that I can’t quite understand why people use them, but every once in awhile I think “Wow, this would be a good random, useless fact that I could post on a Twitter or Facebook account.” The only reason that I think having an account at a social network like Twitter or Facebook, would be to post random little posts, so all those random thoughts I have can be on the internet somewhere where other people can read them. I once heard from someone that the purpose of his blog was to keep a lot of information in one place, so he can know where it is. Now I’m not saying I don’t like this blog, I really like that I get as many visitors a day as I do, and I like that I am getting more and more comments on here, some of which are actually asking for assistance. I really like seeing that my work is finally paying off, that I am getting some user feedback, some input, but sometimes I would like a place to post my random little thought, or maybe some other interesting things I read from a book, for me an account at Facebook or Twitter would be a place to store all of those. Now that doesn’t mean that I think the use of, say, MySpace is a good idea, I still think MySpace is a waste of time, but I do think that Twitter and Facebook, as annoying as some people on there are, and as pointless as some people’s posts are, which can compare to some of the Dullest Blogs’s posts, has a place.

I still think MySpace is a waste of time.


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