Re: Can IE8 Really Tempt You Back to Microsoft?

Posted: March 25, 2009 in Code, Firefox, Internet, New Tech, Software, Windows

In response to This article on PC World:

I’m just trying to figure out why people are still using IE? Sure, some pages require you to run IE if you want to view them, but that’s why we Firefox users have an addon called IE Tab, which uses the IE rendering engine, and can fool almost every page requiring IE.

And what’s the whole topic about the “big” “changes” in IE8? For one, it looks a lot like it’s predecessor, which isn’t a big deal, but usually big innovations come with a new look, to mark their innovation (for example, Firefox 2 to Firefox 3. big cosmetic changes there). I have used a couple different IE8 betas, and wasn’t satisfied enough to upgrade the IE on my computer to the new IE8, and besides, it’s not like I use IE enough to merit the upgrade to IE8.


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