A few heated discussion.

Posted: March 27, 2009 in Firefox, Internet, New Tech, Social Netowrking, Software, Trends, Windows
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I supposed all of these links to discussions I will post below wouldn’t necessairily be classified as “heated”, but I’m sure you will find them interesting.

First, an article by Keir Thomas, which has aroused much controversey, Firefox May Already Be Dead. In this well written article, which apparently can be offensive to some of the more, “spirited” Firefox users, is a great read, which earned it’s place on this post in most part by it’s comments.

Now another article by Keir Thomas, which was 5 days later, to “explain himself”, because of the controversey that his previous article, Firefox May Already Be Dead, caused for apparently many of it’s readers. This article in my opinion earned better and more interesting comments than his previous article, but that is for you to decide.

Now this next article is from a website you may not have heard about, but I may have blogged about before, a website called WePC.com. WePC.com is a website made by ASUS in partner with Intel. The whole idea behind WePC.com is a community, where users dream up computers, and ASUS together with Intel periodically builds. It’s a great community, that I think any computer user with what they think of as a good idea should come to.

This is an article called It all started with a dream, which is an article where the creators of WePC encourage it’s users to have a discussion about multiple touch screen computers. The resulting discussion is VERY good, albeit not always interesting, and not all of the comments exactly pertain to the discussion, it is still a very good discussion with many good ideas.

So here are your “heated” discussions, enjoy!


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