What I don’t get about Twitter.

Posted: April 8, 2009 in Internet, New Tech, Social Netowrking, Trends
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Awhile back I got an account on twitter, Facebook, MySpace and yFly to check them out, see how I thought they managed (you can see my review here). After my testing I kinda just let my accounts go, I didn’t do anything more with them, I was finished. I think I made one or two posts on each of the accounts, to again, test the features, but have been inactive on all of those accounts for more than a year. Now the thing that keeps confusing me is this: I keep getting Twitter notifications telling me that I’ve being followed! I made ONE post, not a lot, and all it said was: “This is a testing account, I’m testing Twitter.”, nothing special and definitely not interesting, but yet, people still continue to follow me! why?!

Now the next thing I want to talk about is This article. The article, The pillars of social media sucess, is by a good blogger that I follow (not on Twitter, on email). In The pillars of social media sucess, he blogs about another bloggers’s post called Shel Holtz vs. Kurt Vonnegut. I keep trying to tell this story, and how it was blogged about by one person, then picked up by another to be blogged about again, then finallt on Seth Godbin’s blog, but I can’t quite seem to write it correctly, so head on over to Writing Boots: Shel Holtz vs. Kurt Vonnegut for the story, and an interesting argument against social networks.


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