Posted: April 9, 2009 in Internet, New Tech, Social Netowrking, Trends

I think I may have made a post about WePC.com before, but I can’t find it and think it is worth talking about at least twice. WePC.com is a website made by ASUS and Intel.

“ASUS and Intel have created WePC.com, a place where users like you come together to share ideas, images and inspiration about your ideal PC. But what if it’s not just talk. Your designs, feature ideas and community feedback will be evaluated by ASUS and could influence the blueprint for an actual notebook PC built by ASUS with Intel inside.”

I guess WePC.com is kinda like a social network, you can share your ideas with tons of other users, whether it be just one specific idea, or a whole computer that you dream up, it doesn’t matter. WePC’s community is full of great ideas, here are a few of my favorites ideas and discussions:

Multiple Screen Discussion: A full page devoted to the discussion of multiple screens.

Touch Screen Discussion: Another full page devoted to the discussion of more intuitive and/or touch interface computers.

All purpose laptop by Skun: This laptop was featured on the docking discussion (a page devoted to the discussion of computers made for docking). I really like this idea of docking, it sounds like an awesome idea!

Aurora by egypt4med. Aurora is a great idea for multiple screen computing. The laptop has two screens, if you want you can just use one of the screens (the other folds back), or you can use both screens (the screens flip out side by side).

OpenBook Revolution by Buckwheat469: The OpenBook Revolution is a really well thought out computer. With solar panels, amazing sound technology and great ideas for longer a longer lasting computer, this computer is one of my favorites!

OpenPC by buckwheat469: This is not a computer design, it is an idea for a computer (there is a difference). The whole idea is for this computer to use open source parts (yes there is such a thing) to be able to run any operating system.

It all started with a dream. This article caused massive feedback from users on the subject of multi-touch, multi-screen display, plus a whole lot more. By far my favorite discussion up to this point.

I wish I could insert iframes into this post, if I could I would insert the ideas into this post, but that’s not a feature that I know how to do.


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