My new iPod.

Posted: May 12, 2009 in Apple, New Tech, Trends
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I’m long overdue to making a post on here, but I have a lot to talk about. In this post I will be blogging about my new, and first iPod (yes, I may be a little late in getting on the iPod bandwagon), a review of a great service and the websites that brought it to my attention.

I just got a new 16GB iPod Nano 4th Generation, and like it a lot. The sound is really good, the interface is easy to navigate, and the games are ammusing. One thing that I’m still trying to get used to is the scroll wheel. It’s very sensitive, and it’s a great tool, it’s just taking some time for me to get used to. One thing that didn’t impress me very much was the battery life. Even though an iPod will get 24 hours of continuous music playback, it never seems to me like it can last that long. I haven’t run the battery down yet, but I was hoping for some more battery life, so I wouldn’t have to go and charge my iPod as soon as I got home. Oh, and the other thing I dislike about the iPod is this; the only way to charge it is through a USB cable attached to a computer. There was no cable that came with it, just a cable to connect it to the computer. Now right now, this isn’t a problem for me, but what about when I travel? I will only have 24 hours a battery life, and I wont be able to plug my iPod into a wall jack.

After awhile of listening to music, I decided I wanted to put videos onto my iPod, and here’s how I did it. Awhile back I downloaded a Firefox addon called Ant Toolbar. Ant Toolbar is a toolbar for Firefox that allows me to download any playing video from almost any source to my computer as a .FLV movie. Ant Toolbar downloads the videos fairly fast, for instance, I downloaded a 10:47 video in about five minutes, which is great compared to other services that I’ve had before, which took more than an hour to downlaod a 3 minute video. Using Ant Toolbar I was able to get all of the videos I wanted, now I just needed a way to get them to my iPod. I searched around, but it was surprisingly hard to find a website that would tell me what video format the videos would have to be in if I wanted to put them onto an iPod (for those of you who don’t know, all videos that you want to put onto an iPod, or have any interaction with iTunes, have to be in the .mp4 format). So I went searching around, and eventually found Videora iPod Converter. Videora is a really nice program that converts avi, divx, xvid, flv, x264, vob, mpeg, DVD’s, YouTube and a few other formats, into the iPod usable MP4 format. Once I downloaded the program, I found it very easy to convert all of the videos into the MP4 format. After the file conversion, Videora automatically added the videos to my iTunes library. From my iTunes library they were synced to my iPod. Whola! Done.

Another thing I wanted to do with my new iPod, was put pictures onto it. This was very easy, all I had to do was go to the Photos tab in the Summary area of the my iPod section in iTunes, and tell it which folders I wanted iTunes to sync photos from. After that, they can be easily viewed from my iPod.

  1. james says:

    use foryour ipod battery – they can get it working again even if the battery is dead:

    hope that helps you out!


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