Why Firefox is still better.

Posted: June 5, 2009 in Firefox, Internet, New Tech, Software, Trends, Windows
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Right now I’m writing this is Google Chrome. Why? because all I figured I would be doing is checking my email, and then getting off my computer. When I opened my email I found out that FLL has opened it’s photo gallery from the world festival, with more then 3,500 pictures. When I saw that I decided that I would like to go check some of those out! But when I went over to the Kodak Photo Gallery, Chrome froze up. Now this isn’t the first time this has been happening to me, Google chrome has been coming up short very often in the past week or so. I was looking on Google to see how long I needed to charge a Lego capicator, and while I was searching found a video of a Lego flamethrower. I would have loved to watch that video, but when I clicked the play button, guess what? Chrome froze! I could not watch the movie, or move my mouse. So now I was stuck. Too bad Chrome’s task manager only works if you have it open before you actually need it, otherwise I could have just ended the process, and got on with my life. But noooooooo, I can’t open Chrome’s task manager, so I have to resort to Windows task manager, ans shit down everything! so there goes my last half hour of work. Now sure, I can restart Chrome with the same pages open, that will work fine, I will get all my pages back. Sure is a good thing I wasn’t commenting on a website, or posting a comment on WePc.com or somewhere like that, because I would have lost all my work. And believe me, there isn’t much that’s more frustrating than losing your work. But suppose I wasn’t writing a comment, suppose I was just trying to watch a video of a Lego flamethrower. So now I’ve restored all of my pages, but if I want to watch that video, it obviously doesn’t work in Chrome, so I have to move over to Firefox. The reason I used Chrome in the first place was so that I could quickly check my email, nothing else. But now, instead of being able to check my email and see that there’s a bunch of cool pictures on this gallery, I can’t go view those photos, because Chrome can’t handle it. And forget trying to watch that video, I had to move all of my pages over to Firefox, just so I could watch that video, and see those pictures. Sure, Chrome is fast, but Firefox isn’t far behind for me. And sacrificing functionality for two seconds off the startup time, well, that’s just not for me.

Edit less than 10 minutes later:

And just so you know, my Yahoo! mail just froze too.

  1. pochp says:

    I’m not even sure Chrome is faster.
    Chrome is very fast when you access it but is very slow when it’s already operating. It’s the reverse for Firefox.
    Anyway, Chrome is still a very useful backup browser and I’m grateful for that.

    • zachdude1094 says:

      My experiences with Chrome have usually been that Chrome is a very fast browser, and it is, but like you said, “Chrome is very fast when you access it but is very slow when it’s already operating.” And that’s especially true when you try to run anything that uses shockwave in Chrome, Chrome almost always freezes on me.

      I agree, Chrome is the opposite of Firefox. Firefox unfortunately has a slower startup, but still, for me, Firefox starts up in 7 seconds or less (I counted), so it’s now that big a deal for me.

      Chrome is a good backup browser, a lot better than IE anyway.

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