How I fixed my gaming computer.

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Internet, Networking, New Tech, Operating Systems, Software, Windows

Well, there wasn’t exactly anything wrong with my gaming computer, other than the fact that even though it had a wireless card, it couldn’t, wouldn’t connect to the internet through a wireless connection. It all started awhile ago when I got a gaming computer from one of my friends. It worked fine, but I wanted to reinstall the OS (whichwas Win XP) just so that I could start with a clean slate. After a few unsuccessful tries at reinstalling the system, all because of the fact that I couldn’t get the wireless keyboard to communicate with the computer during the setup process. That was a lot of fun. So anyway, after I reinstalled Win XP onto this computer, I found that the Belkin something-or-other wireless network card didn’t function anymore. It seemed that Windows was taking control of the Belkin wireless card and shutting it down before I could use it (no comments on that part anyone, I know what you’re going to say, “Isn’t that what Microsoft always does? shuts it down and ignores it?”). But at the time, that wasn’t a problem, because the computer was located right beside my modem, so all I had to do was us a LAN cable and plug my computer in, it was, after all, faster that way. That worked for some time, and then I moved the computer downstairs. I didn’t think it was going to be much of a problem at the time, when I first moved the computer to the lower level, it wasn’t like I was addicted to gaming on there anyway. That lasted for a little while, but every time I sat down to my laptop I would see that gaming computer screen looming over top my laptop screen, unused. After awhile I started looking into ways that I could give internet back to this computer. Moving it back upstairs was out of the question, but that was about all that was. I thought of drilling a hole in the floor of my bedroom (where the modem is) so that I could run a LAN cord down to it. That never happened. I thought of moving the modem and all of it’s accompanying boxes of whatever down, I figured that would solve my problem, and give my laptop a stronger internet signal. That didn’t happen. Those were really my only ideas. I had read about certain pieces of hardware that you could use to extend your wireless network, and I thought of getting something like that, something that would connect to my wireless network, and then allow me to connect it to my gaming computer, thus solving my problem. That didn’t happen. After that I got busy, had classes and a school to focus on, and kinda forgot about the whole problem. I forgot about it until I hard something from a TechMonkey Podcast where they said something about how you could use an iPhone as a router for a computer, thus giving it internet connection. This, I thought, was a great idea, too bad I didn’t have an iPhone. But I did have a laptop, could I use that in some way? Unfortunately, at the time, I was an hour drive away from my house, so by the time I got back, it had slipped to the back of my mind. It wasn’t until last night, while I was reading This is not a game by Walter Jon Williams, where one of the characters had a phone which could be used as a router for her computer, that I remembered how I had wondered if I could use my laptop as a router. I decided I would check tomorrow when I got up, and went to sleep.

Tomorrow, when I got up, I didn’g get straight to my research, I had to make some stops, and ended up at the library until around 1:00 or 2:00. When I got home though, I went straight to doing my research, got sidetracked, backed a batch of cookies (they’re very good, just so you know), and finally, managed to make the Google search. What I came up with was less than satisfactory, but it was a start. I first found some game forum that was trying to explain how to connect your computer to your XBox so that you would be able to access Live. The idea, which I’m sure you don’t care to know about, was to connect your laptop to your XBox through a LAN cable, or some other similar cable, and then share your internet connection by making a bridge (bridging the connections) and sharing your computers internet connections. Some of the people on the forum said that this was problematic, others said that it worked fine, it was a start anyway. When I tried it with my two computers, it failed. Repeatedly, every time I tried. Again and again. So I turned to a few of my help sources, namely Yahoo! Answers and DaniWeb IT Forum, for help. While I was waiting for an answer to my question, I tried to work with it a little. After about 2 minutes, I had fixed it, and I now had internet to my gaming computer. It turns out, I didn’t need to do a bridge or anything like that, all I had to do was to allow other computers to share my internet connection, on my laptop. That’s it. After all that, I had it working. So that’s all you really need to read here, but if you want to read my ramblings, then be my guest.

So after I got it working, I surfed the internet, tried to play a few games, and worked out a few kinks in the computer. Now it’s running fine, but for some reason, it still doesn’t work too well with online games. Let me tell a story:

I went to once, when I first got my gaming computer up and running, and you would have thought that I was trying to play COD 4 or something, it was running SO SLOW! It took me more than 10 seconds to move my mouse from the middle of the page to the X at the top of the browser, so that I could get out of that page.

That’s just a website, online games, such as Roblox, and InstantAction games aren’t any better. Fortunately thoug, it handles local games fairly well, much better than my laptop andway, but for some reason, I can’t play online games on here, it’s really weird. I’ve tried system optimizers, cleaning out everything, defrags, disc cleanups, CCleaner, virus scans, everything, but it still is really, really slow. I don’t know why, but I’m on a role today, so I might just find out.

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