Google OS

Posted: July 9, 2009 in Internet, Networking, New Tech, Operating Systems, Software, Trends, Windows

I just heard about Google OS this morning. I first read about it in a PC World article, which you can find Here. After I read that article I went over to Google’s Blog to read their original article. If you want, you can read Google’s article by clicking Here. So now on to something that’s important.

First, I want to talk about a comment I read on the PC World article, and also partly about the PC World article itself.

If you went over to PC World to read their article on the Google OS, or even just read the headline, you would have saw that it read:

“Google Chrome OS: Does the World Need Another Operating System?”

I would say the answer to this question is, at first thought, definitely a “Yes.”, but after some thought should the answer really be a “Yes”?

This comment was by a person going by the name “rcprimak” in response to the PC World article. He made a pretty good point:

Waht the article and most of the postings seem to forget is that Windows 7 (at least on Netbooks) has a Quick Start mode. Within seconds, long before your Desktop appears, you can be browsing or doing e-mail. Why reinvent the wheel, Google?

Pay particular attention to the last statement: “Why reinvent the wheel, Google?” I agree with rcprimak when he asks this question,  but I think his question is out of context. I don’t think that he understands what Google is saying, what Google is trying to do: Google wants to take this browser they have made, and make it into an operating system. The browser would be your whole operating system. Chrome is a good browser. Chrome is really fast. And granted, it may not have worked for everything I personally wanted to do, but think about how long Chrome has been out: less than a year. Google envisions an operating system that truly utilizes cloud computing.

Google is going to try to make the operating system irrelevant through web apps and cloud computing.


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