Posted: August 27, 2009 in Apple, New Tech, Operating Systems, Trends, Windows
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Well it’s been awhile since I posted on here, I just really haven’t had anything to post about until now.

A few days ago I got my regular PC World Daily Tech News email, and the first news story caught my eye. Snow Leopard Is a Pale Imitation of Windows 7. Wow. I never thought that I would be hearing that.

I remember awhile ago when a lot of people were complaining that “Vista was a copy of the Mac OS”. Now the tables have turned, or at least, they’re trying, but all of the Mac fanboys and girls are trying to hold it right there. Check out some of the comments at the bottom of that article. I can almost see all of those people writing those comments from their Mac computers. I only went about half-way down the page, but all I read up to that point was slams against the author by Mac fanboys. And people say PC fanboys are bad, ha! This is ridiculous! I do have to agree with the author though. Apple is bringing new features to it’s operating system, but 64 bit? we’ve had that since Vista. If you would like to see the new features Snow Leopard is adding Head over to the Apple website. I have to say that I’m kinda disappointed in Apple this time though. I’m looking for something revolutionary. They give us “improved iChat”. Here I want you to all see a few comic strips I found awhile back.


This comic talks about games, but I think it can be related to general PC-Mac conversations also. Especially this one.


This was an image I found awhile ago during the big debate about how Vista had “copied” some of OS X’s features. Now I’m not going to say that it’s the other way around now, I don’t think that Apple is copying any of Windows’ features, but I do think they are lagging a little behind in their features, and now are trying to catch up. This is exactly what happened with Vista. Windows lagged behind in an area, and when Microsoft tried to fix it they got branded for copying Apple’s design. Now that Apple is fallen behind and are trying to fix it, they are being branded as copying Windows. It’s a vicious cycle.

I would like to finish this post with a quote.

What we’ve had so far has all been nice-a kind of placeholder-but now the professionals are coming.

-Clay Shirky

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