Posted: September 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

I had a “Music” page, but it DEFINITELY needed an overhaul.

I was going to write about music and how to get it free, but now I’ve also decided to include videos in this discussion, making this post titled “Media”.

If any of you read my Music page before I deleted it you would have read me recommending Now isn’t bad, but it’s definitely not good either. Songza only lets you listen to music, same as Rhapsody and most other popular music sites.

First I want to talk about places to listen to music.

In my opinion the best places to listen to music online are,, and is a great place to listen to free music. Unfortunately you can’t create playlists, but they do have a huge selection of artists and music., even though it has a 25 song limit, is still great. Rhapsody lets you create, but not save, playlists. One way you can get around the 25 song limit is to uninstall the Rhapsody Player, which can be found in the Add or Remove programs menu. This only works sometimes though, so don’t count on it. is a cool website with a lot of the top artists and songs on it. At purevolume you can listen to some music depending on what the Artist has provided, and one in awhile you can find some great songs to download. Purevolume doesn’t have a great selection of music, but the fact that there are totally legal songs on there for download makes it pretty good. is a decent online player. If it works. My experience with Songza hasn’t been too great. At first it worked great. I could create and save playlists and play all the songs I wanted, but then one day it stopped playing the music. I still don’t know why it doesn’t work for me, but oh well. It’s a good service.

The other service I would like to talk about that I didn’t mention above is, formerly known as MusicTNT, formerly known as Danceage. Here you can find and listen to most songs, and download them too. The songs come from You can go directly to to try and find downloads of your favorite songs, or you can just do it through Downrol’s interface.

Now recently on my quest to download all of the 5 seasons of Teen Titans to my iPod I found an awesome program called Internet Download Manager. Internet Download Manager, or IDM, is a great program that not only allows you to easily download web videos no matter where they’re from, it also allows you to download music from a player such as Rhapsody. Here’s how it works out:

For music. In this example I will use Rhapsody.
Go to and find a song that you would like. Now don’t use the pop-out player to play the song. This is what you should be using to play the song:


Play the song and you will see something pop-up beside the player saying “Download this audio” looking like this:


Click “Download This Audio” and select the song you would like to download. This should work for any song on Rhapsody.

If you would like to use this program to download videos IDM will do that too. Unlike most other video downloading programs such as AntToolbar (a firefox addon) or MP4 Downloader (another Firefox addon), IDM can download videos from any source. YouTube, MegaVideo and even flash videos. To download videos with IDM just go to the website where the videos are and start playing the video. Once the video starts playing you should see a little box similar to the one you will see for downloading music pop-up at the top of the video that says “Download this Video”. If you click it then you will be able to download the video as a .flv file. Can’t play .flv files? no problem, check out Videora iPod Converter. Videora lets you convert .FLV files into iPod friendly formats, .mp4. As far as I know you can also use Videora to convert .flv files to a viewing size for regular screens, i.e not your iPod Nano’s, but I’ve never tried it so I couldn’t tell you for sure.


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