Windows 7: Microsoft’s Savior

Posted: December 31, 2009 in New Tech, Operating Systems, Trends, Windows
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Hello peoples, and happy newyears to all!

As anyone who read my post Windows 7 will know, I got a new computer for Christmas. Those of you who slacked off and didn’t read it, now you know.

The first thing I did with my new computer was to reinstall the operating system. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this practice, this is done to remove all the software that the manufacturers install on it. All that software that you don’t receive reinstall disks for. This took much less time than I was expecting, as I’ve only done this before on a Windows XP machine. Within 20-30 minutes it was finished and I was checking out my new desktop.

Now if you haven’t read my post Windows 7 by now, go read it. Right now.


Now that you’ve gone and come again, I’ll move on.

Since you’ve read my post Windows 7 you’ll know all the main features of Windows 7 that I really like, the aesthetics, how it works, the mixer- and many many more features. This isn’t going to be a reiteration if that article, I just want to say that for all the crap Microsoft took with Vista, this operating system could be their savior. Who knows? Maybe they decided to use all their expieremental ideas to create an operating system that they were guessing would fail, then learn from the mistakes and create the super OS that is Windows 7? Who know? More likely Vista was just a failure, but either way, Windows 7 is the best thing that’s happened to PC users since Windows XP.

Just wanted to make my opinion clear on that.


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