A little problem, and a little fix.

Posted: February 18, 2010 in Operating Systems, Software
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A little while ago, on my new computer running Windows 7, I was having a problem. Yes, with Windows 7 I was having a problem. My problem was such that it wasn’t totally the operating system’s fault, although with some new evidence that point could be contested. My problem was that when I would type the palm of my hand or my thumb would tap the touchpad, thus moving my cursor to a new place. So for example, I would be typing like this, and then for seemingly no reason, I would start typing up at the top of the page, or in a search box, or in the middle of another sentence, all because I tapped the trackpad (touchpad). So how did I solve this problem? Well first let me explain the aforementioned evidence.

Recently one of my friends got Windows 7 and installed it on his Vista machine. A few days later, he emailed me about the same problem I had been having. He was having the same issue I had previously had. Now that’s now too surprising but here’s the kicker: he had a different mode laptop than I did, and he hadn’t been having the problem before when he was using Vista. So maybe, for some reason, Windows 7 handles the trackpad differently. Who knows?

Here’s how I solved the problem. All by a simple Google search. By the way, Google has the answer to almost everything. When in doubt, Google.

Oh, before I go on, I want to mention something. I’m a blogger, so I have a right to get sidetracked.

Think about Google. It’s a word, a noun actually, but Google is also a verb. When is the last time you’ve said “I’ll go Google it” or “Lets Google this!”? If you’re like me, it’s probably been pretty recently.  What does it take to change a noun into a verb? A better question is “What does it take to change a company name into a verb?” Nobody says “I’ll Bing it”, or at least, not seriously. Google is dominant, and will stay so as long as we say “Google” instead of “Bing” when we’re going to look something up.

But back to what I was saying. Here’s how I solved the problem. A little program called TouchFreeze came along. TouchFreeze disables the touchpad/trackpad while keys are being pressed. So while I’m typing whether or now I’ve touch the touchpad, nothing will happen. Well, as long as I don’t type with only my thumbs.

  1. texan96 says:

    thanks, i’ve actually been having that problem with my laptop, too. but i’m not running Windows 7. i’ve got xp

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