And it’s still alive!

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yep, I’ve decided what I’m going to write about. Or, maybe more accurately I should say that I have remembered what I was planning on writing about before I got sidetracked deciding how to write the title of my last blog post.

Now I’m guessing that a fair amount of the people that will read this have a blog in this technological day and age, so more likely than not you will know what I mean when I say it is a battle to get viewers to your blog, website, candy shop-whatever it is. And I have to agree with you, kinda. Sorta.

You may be wondering why I titled my previous post as I did, and what I may have been referring to when I wrote the title as I did. Well I was referring to my blog, not an experiment I’ve conducted in my basement. I will have to confess that I haven’t created an ingenious program to crawl the internet, posting automatically generated, plagiarized copies of popular article that are within a topic I have chosen, but all the same my blog seems to be doing well for itself.

Whenever I login (log-in, log in?) to my WordPress dashboard and check my stats, I can count on seeing around 90% of the days in the past week having over 10 views, topping out at somewhere between 20 and 25 views a day. Now this is when I’m not posting anything at all, not sending links to anyone, and in general leaving my blog alone. Interesting, isn’t it? I mean, I suppose if you look at this statistically or logically it would make sense that out of the some 6.7 billion people in the world, of which some 26-27% have internet access (source: it would make sense that there would be enough people to continue visiting my website, regardless of whether or not I continue to post; there will always be more people to view my, your, and everyone’s websites. It’s interesting though that even though I have been doing nothing at all to drive traffic to my website, whether in the form of posts, comments on other blogs, and social advertising, that I would still receive views.

A great amount of the page views I am receiving these days are through Google search queries though, strangely enough, and from some of the weirdest queries also. I can’t complain, and I wont, because regardless of how the people get here, I’m glad they do and I hope they learn something.

That, my friends, should be the motto of all bloggers.

Good day and good night.


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