About me.

Hi everyone,

Right now I’m 15, but I started blogging, on other blogs, when I was 10. Since then I’ve started more blogs than I care to remember, but this is by far the best I’ve ever managed.

I really like technology, and anything to do with computers, programming especially. I’m taking a web design class through a place called The Potters School. In that class we’ve learned XHTML, CSS and are learning Python. Next semester we will start on JavaScript, and who knows what else. I really like my teacher, Mr.Connor, he’s a really good teacher.

I like sports a lot, football, soccer, and basketball are my favorites though.

I’ve used a lot of different Operating Systems, Win 98, Win ME, Win XP, Win Vista, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, XUbuntu and Knoppix.

I’ve used a lot of different browsers also, IE 4, IE 5, IE 6, IE 7, Mozilla Firefox, Sea Monkey, IceWeasel, Knoqueror, MaxThon, Opera and Safari.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

You can email me Here

  1. techfromthekid says:

    Hey Zach! My name is Daniel in responce to your comment on my blog: techfromthekid.wordpress.com

    I have been reading a lot of your posts and really like them. I will hopefully soon be moving over to a new server and was wondering of you would like to possible merge sites or help contrubute content for mine since we basically seem to have the same intrests.

    Let me know what you think!!


  2. zachdude1094 says:

    Hi Daniel! as you know my name is Zac.

    I have been reading your website and I really like how you write your posts and that all your posts are really in depth.

    I think merging our sites would be a little difficult but definitely possible and a great idea.
    So this new server, is it like WordPress? or are you building your site with HTML?

    I know HTML so if that’s what kind of server your going to use that’s no problem.

    Thanks for commenting!


  3. Max says:




    i didn’t know you were into this kinda stuff..its freakin cool

  4. zachdude1094 says:

    I’m glad you like my site!

  5. N.O.B. says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. We appreciate everyone’s voice.

    It looks like you have been blogging for a while! If you’re interested in having more traffic to your blog and thus more comments let us know. If you did’t get a chance to check out “the Exploited”, go now and see how together we’re revolutionizing blogging.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    Thanks again, N.O.B.

  6. Plane Kid says:

    Hey Zac!
    This is Micah from Writers Workshop. I love your blog and your style of writing. I made a blog on Blogger (as you probably know) and have loved it ever since. Keep up the good work!

  7. Plane Kid says:

    Hey Zac!
    This is Micah from Writers Workshop. I love your blog and your style of writing. I made a blog on Blogger (as you probably know) and have loved blogging it ever since. Keep up the good work!

  8. Hey,
    First of all… i must tell you that I’m not very good at english, so try to understand me.
    I googled random blogs and tutorials how to do one. Then I got here and your website/blog really inspired me… and i would like to do something similar.

    Where should i start?
    You made your website/blog with WordPress? if so, how to remove that icon next to URL, is it possible? and Did you make your .css file yourself or downloaded somekind of theme?
    In this site, you used a plugin for user avatars and blog writing areas, posts etc.?
    Oh god, you’ve got an awesome theme and beautiful layout, wish i could do that too…

  9. Wendi says:

    Great job Zac!! Love it.

  10. zachdude1094 says:

    I didn’t realize this was going to get posted to FB O.o Well glad you enjoyed it!

  11. Thank You!!! says:

    Thank Your for the website building tutorial!

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