PC V.S Mac

To find out what a OSs market share (percent of people using it) is go to this link.

PC V.S Mac.

First I just want to state that I don’t hold a grudge against the Mac computer, or Apple in general. I just think that comparing the two and trying to decide which is better, is a lot of fun.

There are many different opinions on this subject, some being that the PC is better than the Mac, and some that the Mac is better than the PC. Some people think that a PC is better because they’ve only used a PC before. I personally think that the Mac and the PC both have their uses. I can’t really say that the PC is more geared to workers, and the Mac is more for fun, because it isn’t. Once big thing you have to take into consideration is the virus, malware, spam and trojan problems you have with a PC. I have four different programs on my PC for security. Two to keep stuff out, and two to clean up what gets through. Now on a Mac do you need that? nope. Why? It’s not profitable for hackers to hack Macs over PCs, because PCs with Windows account for most of the computers in use, so it’s better for hackers to target and hack PCs because more people use PCs. That’s not saying that there are no Viruses created for the Mac. These are some of the reasons why you don’t usually get a virus on a Mac:
1. there isn’t as much software created for the Mac as the PC. If you don’t download anything then you minimize the chances you have of getting a virus, on any computer, Mac, PC running Windows or PC running Linux. If you go to most websites there wont be an option for downloading the software for a Mac, which is because, for the same reason hackers avoid hacking Mac computer, it’s not profitable for programmers to make programs for the Mac, because of the market share Macs hold, whereas it’s very profitable to make their programs for the PC.
2. Most people run a PC over a Mac. Mostly graphics professionals run a Mac. Why? well I think because Macs look so good, their easy to use, and they “just work” (which is a quote from someone or something which I can’t remember at the moment). Even those who run both a Mac and PC probably find themselves coming back to using a PC just because there’s some software on their PC that isn’t on the Mac, but then again, what software do you mainly use? I normally use Firefox to browse the web, Microsoft Office 2007 for documents, Primo PDF to make my Office documents into a .PDF file (Prime PDF is free). Those are the main programs I use on my PC. I can use all of those programs on a Mac. And besides, I can run Windows on my machine anyway. Check out this Mac review from Scobleizer at Scobleizer’s web page It sure seems like he has had a pretty bad time with Apple.

If you go to CNET Reviews and search for Mac all the results will come up pretty high, the same for the PC.

Why Mac and Linux are the most secure, it’s because, this is from a PC Magazine article,

“…The bottom-line question is: Which OS keeps you the safest? Printer analyst M. David Stone puts is this way: “Let’s say I came up with a new OS tomorrow with no security features. If hardly anyone adopted it, those who did would be almost completely safe from attack. No one would bother attacking it.” Therefore the safest OSs are certainly Mac OS and almost any version of Linux. For now…”

Boot Camp. Run Windows on your Mac.
You may use Apple Boot Camp to run XP on your Mac computer. Here’s a review of the Apple Boot Camp

Well. The below page is supposed to convince you to buy a Mac so let’s see what I’ve got to say after reading them.
Apple-Get a Mac

Let’s talk about them.

1. So let’s review. “…Beneath the surface of Mac OS X lies an industrial-strength UNIX foundation hard at work to ensure that your computing experience remains free of system crashes and compromised performance…” So the Mac’s a eddited once and again version of Linux? The fact the it’s based off of Linux, Hmm. Most people don’t use Linux because there isn’t as much software. Here, Mac’s OS IS a Linux operating system but it’s okay to use the Mac OS (which we’ve established as a Linux or UNIX if you want to be technical) because it’s called Mac not Linux or UNIX.
“…Of course, should you happen to experience the occasional hiccup with your Mac, you won’t get the runaround. Because Apple makes the whole enchilada, one phone call — or better yet, one visit to the friendly Genius Bar at your local Apple Store — can solve both hardware and software problems in one fell swoop…”
One thing I’ve heard is that you can take your Mac to any Apple store and get 15 min of free personal technical support, that’s pretty cool.

2.”…On the PC, you can find any number of photo applications, music software, DVD authoring packages, jukebox programs, and web creation tools. And if you don’t like the wares of one developer, another one has a package with just as many features. Maybe more. And therein lies the problem. You can purchase lots of separate programs from different PC developers, and any one of them may have features similar to those you’ll find in one of the iLife applications. But how many of those applications work hand in glove together? How easily can you transfer photos you used in a photo book to burn onto a DVD or incorporate as a still in a movie or quickly add to a blog? They may work pretty well apart. But how well do they work together?…” I totally agree with that statement. It’s definitely something Microsoft should work on. Although Microsoft does have Microsoft Office. And this is one thing I noticed. The iLife suite seems to be focusing on Media not necessarily Word processing, presentation etc.. and that’s because the Mac doesn’t have anything like Microsoft Office. But oh, yeah, they make a version of Microsoft Office for the Mac.

3. “…Today’s Mac is powered by the latest Intel processors. So, in addition to running the award-winning, super-powerful, super-easy Mac OS X, a new Mac gives you the option to run other operating systems, including Windows XP and Vista. All it takes is a licensed copy of the alternate OS and software like VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop for Mac. With its ability to run additional operating systems, the Mac can run more applications than any PC on the planet…” Okay. So. To run a Windows OS, that you can run on a PC, that comes with a PC, you have to buy an operating system disk. “…Though the Mac stands alone in power and simplicity, it’s also the world’s most compatible computer…”

4. “…Connecting a PC to the Internet using factory settings is like leaving your front door wide open with your valuables out on the coffee table. A Mac, on the other hand, shuts and locks the door, hides the key, and stores your valuables in a safe with a combination known only to you. You have to buy, configure, and maintain such basic protection on a PC…” I bet that’s what was said about the PC until hackers decided to target the most used computer platform. “…On a Windows PC, software (both good and evil) can change the system without your even knowing about it. In order for software to significantly modify Mac OS X, you have to type in your password. You’re the decider. You approve changes to your system…” Okay. That was fixed with Vista, everything gets blocked, problem solved! “…it’s simple to update a Mac with the latest advances. By default, a Mac checks for updates weekly. For pure peace of mind, you can set a Mac to download security updates automatically. Apple digitally signs the updates, so you can be sure they come from a trusted source…” “…To get a sense of just how big the virus problem is, search for “virus” at both Apple and Microsoft. Compare the number of results. What’s more, the 100 most virulent attacks cause 99.9% of damage from malicious software. None of these attacks work on Mac OS X. Don’t you deserve such protection?…”

5. “…While Vista does its best to copy some features that have been in Mac OS X for years, Mac OS X offers an experience that is simply years ahead. It’s designed to make the time you spend at your computer not only productive, but enjoyable — not exactly the kind of experience PCs are known for…” Wait, who did you interview to get that comment?
“…Mac OS X knows when to get out of your way, allowing you to work or create without distraction. It also knows how to spring into action when you need it. Spotlight, for example, is always there to help you find that elusive file hiding somewhere in your computer. It shows search results literally as you type — in emails, contacts, PDFs, images, calendars, and applications…” Well that’s called the Search feature on the PC. Just because it doesn’t show results as you type shouldn’t mean too much. Though it would be a nice feature to  have.
“…Unlike Vista, which comes in four distinct flavors at four distinct prices, each with its own distinct set of features (and each in 32- and 64-bit dialects), there’s only one Mac OS X. It runs on every Mac. With a full set of features. That’s just the way things are in the land of Mac — simple and straightforward…” That would be nice, to be able to got to a store, buy Vista and know that it will run on any PC I have. Not having to go out and buy a new PC just to have Vista.

6. “…We’ve measured new Macs to be up to seven times faster than previous generations…” That’s probably because the Mac OS is based off of Linux which runs much faster than XP or Vista. “…You’ll notice the speed for all the things you do… even launching programs and scrolling long web pages…” About the webpages. The speed of you scrolling a long webpage would be as fast as your finger can move the scroll wheel.

Mac Myths This is a good website by Apple explaining a lot of common and not so common Mac Mythos.

According to the below video the Mac OS X  can work on a PC. So do you want to run OSX on a PC? You’ve probably heard that you can run Windows XP on a PC and all that overrated hype but according to this video, you should be able to run OS X on PC.

The MacBook air, as seen in this video below, is not functional. There’s no disk drive and only two USB ports!

  1. Hey there thanks for checking out my blog and thanks for the comments. After reading this however I think you were pretty unfair to Mac and gave Microsoft too much credit. So lets take this section by section:
    1. your videos are awesome!
    2. Software: I hear this a lot and my first response always is: “Name one vital piece of software that PC has that Mac doesn’t have and has no equal alternative to?” With the noted exception of games Mac has a version or an equivalent to every major piece of software out there. Mac is a great alternative to PC and no it doesnt work exactly like a PC…but if your looking for an alternative would you really want it to work the same way?
    3. Viruses: The notion that Mac doesnt get viruses because it doesnt control a huge market share is silly, it really has more to do with Apples patch/update policy. Mac has a regular release/update schedule which quickly shores up holes. The bottom line is that Mac stays ahead of the curve because unlike Microsoft they are a vertically integrated company. Microsoft has to wait for patches/updates from its software partners and when it creates patches they have to make sure that it wont interfere with all the common third party software that runs on their systems. Its not Microsoft’s fault its this way, its just the business model.
    4.Graphic software DOES run better on a Mac, and why you might ask? Because Mac controls both the hardware and software for their computers, and why does this matter? Its pretty simple, if you look at graphic software for a Mac it tends to be less driver heavy and more feature heavy since software makers have to accommodate less hardware infrastructures on a Mac then a PC..which is often why Adobe and other software comes out on the Mac first. Never mind the fact the Apple makes great professional grade software like Aperture and Final Cut itself AND that many hardware makers build special devices around that software that youd be hard pressed to find for a PC without some serious searching.
    5. No Right Click: Ok this is just you asleep at the wheel bud! First Right click has pretty much always worked on a mac, if you want a two button mouse; go buy one. That aside Mac’s HAVE COME WITH A THREE BUTTON SCROLL MOUSE FOR ABOUT 3 YEARS NOW, its called the Mighty Mouse and its standard with all desktops.
    6: Mac OS Leopard is a copy of Vista: Since it seems you are not a programmer I am assuming your referring to the desktop design, if thats the case your dead wrong there too. Mac has had the same desktop layout since OS 10.1 which came out around the same time as XP. Yes the new one has many more features but the layout is the same. So it clearly pre-dates Vista by a long shot.
    7: Running Windows on a Mac: I really have no clue why anyone would want to do this, and i think thats why Apple hasnt really put much into the development of Bootcamp. Figure if Mac controls 13% of the market what percentage of that is dual boot systems? My bet is less than 1% and it is largely people that are in the process of converting to Mac and dont want to ditch Windows out-right. Dual boot systems aren’t new either. I had an old Performa that dual booted Windows 95 back when there really were software differences, there were a piddly number of dual boots back then and comparatively there are about the same amount today. Vware and other virtual software in my experiences is used to run games which is one of Apples big soft spots and always has been. i always tell gamers not to bother with Mac because i know they won’t be happy.
    7: ichat: Just so you know ichat IS Aim for the Mac. It is specifically designed to work with Mac hardware like the built in a/v cameras for video chat, its also works with Aims Skype like telephony service. If you need Skype you can just download the Mac version of skype from their website, it works exactly like the pc version.
    8: You also alluded to iwork not being feature rich enough and Microsoft office being better for productivity or something like that…you do know the Microsoft makes a version of Office for the Mac right? And that unlike the PC version you get the full featured suite for one price.

    That later part of your post is pretty cryptic and hard to follow so I think thats it for me in the comment department.

    One last note: You may know this but its worth mentioning: for a lot of software downloaded from the web the site auto-detects which operating system you are using and only shows you the proper version for your computer. So if you are using Windows and view the Skype website it will only show you the Windows version to download. If you check out http://www.apple.com/downloads/
    I think you will find there is a lot more free software for the Mac then your thinking.Its just that you can’t see it on the web because your using a PC.

    lastly i want to note I’m not a Mac fanboy, i just know my computers of all strips and since this article was slanted against Mac i felt the need to make sure you were giving credit where credit is due.

  2. zachdude1094 says:

    Well first off I don’t think I was unfair to anybody, I’m using a Mac right now and I’m hating it. The keyboard is awesome though.

    2 .Besides games I guess there aren’t a whole lot of software the PC can have that the Mac can’t. The fact of the matter is though that you can go do a Google search for a piece of software and find it for the PC, you have to do a special search to find that same software for a Mac.

    3. This is not totally true. it’s true that the Mac doesn’t get as many viruses and spyware than the PC but that’s because there’s aren’t enough people using the Mac to warrant the effort for hackers to hack a Mac. Another thing, one of my friend’s Mac had three viruses and two spyware when he got rid of it. The mac’s not invulnerable. The Mac is a perfect target for hackers, all they have to do is get a Virus on a Mac users computer and the mac user, not suspecting a virus, never finds it.

    4. I agree with you that a Mac has way better graphics. Vista has good graphics but you sacrifice functionality if you want good graphics on a PC. The fact that Apple controls what hardware goes into their systems is a great idea that other vendors should adopt. That’s exactly why the Mac has somewhat better performance. I say somewhat because I’m impartial on that.

    5. Well I’m really not sure how many people actually like the Mighty mouse, that is a pretty stupid name if you ask me. But I guess names don’t really matter.

    6. I did not say OS X was a copy of Vista, I believe that Microsoft tried to copy OS X when they came out with Vista and failed miserably.

    7. I agree, why are people buying a Mac just to go back and run Win XP? it doesn’t make any sense. And the market share, 13%, is supposedly what Apple hold, how much of the 13% are actually running the Mac OS and not XP or even Vista?

    7. I’m trying not to condemn any Mac software but I just don’t know why you have to have that many different chat clients. I would’ve rather never bothered with Skype, it’s really not functional.

    8. I haven’t ever used iWork but I have read a lot about it and figure that it’s not as great as MS Office. I do know that you can get MS Office on the Mac, I just got done using it.

    I have checked out the Apple Download website and was impressed.

    I’m trying not to take the PC’s side ale the time, and try to gic=ve credit where credits due but I’ve always used a PC and from my brief experiences with a Mac I’m really not liking it that much.

  3. Max says:


    I’ve been a PC user since Windows95

    but i just got the mac for my birthday

    and dude…

    this thing kicks butt

    The only bad side i guess from the transition is that idk how to use iWork

    but i got all of next year to figure it out

  4. Trackback says:

    “…The first virus for the Mac OS X was created in February 2006 called OSX/Leap-A. OSX/Leap-A wasn’t exactly a virus it was more of a Proof of Concept virus. A Proof of Concept Virus is created to prove a point. The point that hackers did proved was that the Mac isn’t immune to viruses. They created that virus because a lot of Mac users were going around saying that the Mac was immune to viruses and hackers saw that as a challenge…”

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