To find out what a OSs market share (percent of people using it) is go to this link.

There are a host of OS’s out there such as Microsoft XP, 98, ME, Vista and Apples OS X Leopard, a host of Linux based OS’s such as Red Hat, Ubuntu and many other. Another OS would include gOS.

My first focus for this page would be Splashtop. Splashtop isn’t exactly a OS but it’s pretty close. Splashtop let’s you access the internet and Skype without actually booting your OS slashing your startup time. (I hear that Linux does this too, (it makes your computer start up faster)) This is a great advancement but as far as I know it’s not something you can put on your computer. You could buy a new computer with a one of the motherboards on this page or You could upgrade your desktop or just switch your hard drive out with a new one if your desperate but it’s probably easiest to buy a new computer with it already on to save you some stress.

The only problem with videos are that their so pixely. I just got done watching this video from the Ubuntu Screencast Team and I see that it doesn’t have as many programs as a normal OS would but that’s good in a sense. It’s good because 1. you don’t have ten different Apps to make a word document. 2. you don’t have ten different Apps to edit images and the list would keep going with the different file types. This is one of my major problems with XP, OS X or any other OS. It has to many programs installed. I don’t need ten programs to do one thing. Just one good program to do ten things like an OS from, say, Microsoft or Apple. This is one of the reasons that people don’t go for Linux, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Freespire etcetera. Oh well. Like I’ve said before. No OS is perfect. That and because, nothing against Microsoft or Apple, but if you by a PC, XP or Vista is practicably forced on you. Same with a Mac. If you buy a Mac, OS X is probably going to be forced upon you no matter what. That was an argument in a recent PC Utilities. Some people or a group want PCs to be shipped without an OS so that people can choose their own and not have it chosen for the. Heck, that’s probably the only reason that I’m using XP now ME before that and 98 before it! because it was forced upon me and it’s what I grew up using. I’m totally adept to change and if I knew for sure that another OS offered more benefits than XP then I’d have it on my system now.

Comparison of Windows and Linux OS’

John C Dvorak said in his latest page in PC Mag on Inside Track “What keeps some companies from developing a new OS for the basic PC architecture? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Fear of Microsoft? It’s amazing that someone hasn’t taken a look at Microsoft’s margins and profits and money in and said to himself “Wow, why can’t I do that?”
until Vista nobody had considered the possibility. After all, we’ve got the Apple MacBased on a Linux-like underpinning And Linux. These two products have probably discouraged developers more than anything else, since they have not taken over the world. Apple’s OS X has the reputation that it runs only on propriety hardware, so it doesn’t count.”
According to PC Magazine, in the March Issue from 2008, “…Even after this year Vista has a ways to go in this regard. That’s been the case with any major new version of Windows, however: Vendors don’t make drivers for preexisting hardware until the new OS version had enough users to warrant the effort. Enterprise users have it even tougher that home users…”
This is the same with software. If the OS isn’t popular enough then there wouldn’t be enough profit to warrant the effort of making the software for the unpopular OS.

As for why Mac and Linux are the most secure, it’s because, again, this is from a PC Magazine article, “… The bottom-line question is: Which OS keeps you the safest? Printer analyst M. David Stone puts is this way: “Let’s say I came up with a new OS tomorrow with no security features. If hardly anyone adopted it, those who did would be almost completely safe from attack. No one would bother attacking it.” Therefore the safest OSs are certainly Mac OS and almost any version of Linux. For now…”
Linux is allegedly much harder than XP or Mac but I haven’t ever tried it so I can’t comment on it. I have heard though that one guy got tired of XP or Vista, went to Linux and his wife didn’t know the difference. It does have it’s pluses and minuses though. To find Linux just do a Google search for free OS or Linux.

OS Wars This is a great article comparing Linux, PC and the Mac. Enjoy!

Beryl V.S Aero


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