Security is vital to the life of your PC or Mac. Some people say the Mac has better security because there aren’t any virus’s out there Made for a Mac. Well you’re wrong.

Antivirus Firm Detects Google Text Ad Trojan I think that Google should scan websites before posting a website on a search page. An editor once opened a Google search result and it asked him to install “ActiveX” on his computer. It was actually a virus (Or a Trojan or some spyware I can’t remember which, but it was something of the sort) Or at least your browser would scan the page as it loaded. It would be a hackers nightmare but a normal web browsers dream come true.

A big problem with virus’s is that they can be attached to any file you download off of almost anywhere (Not including my website.) Some people check the file after they download it using some kind of AntiVirus. If you don’t have an AntiVirus program then you can check some files by going to and uploading it to their website. The other way would be to email the file to them at with the subject “SCAN”

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