Things To Be Aware Of

A chat room might be why your reading this. A Internet chat room is a pretty bad place, A chat room like MSN messenger is only bad if you let it be. A Internet chat room is bad because anyone can get into there, A chat room like MSN messenger, AIM messenger etc isn’t as bad because no one can chat with you unless you want to chat with them. Although that doesn’t always protect you. Another way to do it would be to block certain websites. You can do that by following these instructions: !!NOTE!! this doesn’t work in Firefox as far as I know. If your using Firefox you will have to try Halt! and I don’t even know if that’ll work in Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Open your web Browser
  2. Click “Tools”
  3. Scroll down or until you see “Internet Options”
  4. Go to the tab “Security” Click on “Restricted Sites” Then click on “Sites”

Now you should see a box that looks somewhat like This

Now you’ll have the option of restricting the site your at now, Chances are that you’ll not want to block this site so clear the box that says “Add This Website To The Zone” Now any website you don’t want your kids to visit you just copy the site address into the “Add This Website To The Zone” and hit “Add” Now you will have a hard time visiting that site. I think I might have tried this, and if I did it didn’t work. Before you get up thinking “Ha! No one’s getting back to that site” try going to the site and see if it works. If that doesn’t work for you then another thing to try would be This “This” Is a program called Halt! It’s supposed to block whichever website you select, I have never tried it but it’s supposed to be good.

Is Your New Computer Running Slow?

Is your new computer slow? New computer meaning anywhere in between 2 and 3 years old. If your computer is running at 100% capacity then you might have a virus. Mine was running at 100% capacity, (It does that when I run Skype) I thought it was just running it’s normal setup etc. Although there was actually some spyware in my computer, Meaning, someone was trying to access my computer and the computer was devoting all it’s capacity to stopping it. That doesn’t mean that your computer will always stop the virus or Spyware from accessing your computer so if this is happening then you’ll want to run a virus scan, If you don’t have a Security center on your computer then click Here The link is to a website where you can search for and download hundreds of freeware programs, such as security and antivirus programs. Though I would use AdAware or CCleaner.

Another way for a Virus or a KeyLogger to stealth install itself onto your computer is through Downloads. Probably the most popular downloads are Music and pictures, Some programs too. It’s even more likely to happen if your using a file share program like Limewire. It would be very easy for someone to put a virus onto one of those files. Besides, all Limewire does is index someones computer, then find out if the person has it, the copy it to the downloaders computer, simple. So this being how it works, someone could easily attach a virus or KeyLogger to the file and thus when you download the file and open the document, or play the music file, it will install itself onto your computer. That easy. Ways to avoid this would be to do some of the following.

You could look at a list of the file sizes and compare them and if one’s a lot bigger than the others, Chances are that it’s got a virus attached to it. So look out for the file sizes.

You can also just download the file, Not play it or open it yet, Just download it. Now open the containing folder and right click the file. Now scroll down until and you should see “Scacn For Viruses…” click it. Now a virus scan should open up and it will scan that single file. You can also do that to folders, Drives or whatever else. If not you can download VirusTotal Uploader and then right click in it, Scroll over to Send To and send it to VirusTotal

Computer monitoring is generally used by hackers. Hackers monitor computers for personal information, Such as Credit card Pin numbers etc. A KeyLogger is a nasty piece of Spyware that they might use, or they might have even more sophisticated software since I heard about this. It records every keystroke even before the computer knows what key was pressed! Genius! In an evil sort of way. Yes even blocked out passwords such as: (*****) Which means credit card passwords, Email accounts, everything. They can record chat conversations, You name it. There virtually undetectable, If you open the Task Manager, (I’m not sure what it’s called on a Mac) You wont see it running under programs or processes either. Another feature and some that want to monitor an other’s computer is that some can be attached to any other file and then sent by email to install itself on the targets computer without the target knowing. This is called Hacking and it’s illegal. Therefor I would not advise it. Another thing that’s scary is that you can Google search for KeyLogger and there it is thousands of results, Then you can download them free. It’s scary the Internet is and it might be scary for you parents that your six-year-old knows more about the computer than you do, This is not very likely but the point is is that your kids probably know more about the computer than you do.

The cache is something that stores part of the website they are at so if you come back to it the computer doesn’t have to load all of it, Thus speeding up your browsing speed on some websites. You can view this by following the following steps:

Click on “Tools” on the top of you window.

Scroll down till you see “Internet Options” Click it.

A screen like This There should be a box that says one of the following: “Temporary Internet Files” Or “Browsing History” Which ever it is click “Settings” Then click “View Files” The window should look like This

Then Copy the text in the address bar to you clip board by selecting the text then right clicking and then click “copy”

Close the window.

Click “Start” Then click on “Run” Make sure that there is no text in the Run box. Right click the run box and click “Paste” Then click “OK” This page should come up.

There should be a ton of files in this window, Some would be Text file called “Cookies” Cookies are text files that store passwords. Now you can double click on that and then view the Cookie and maybe see their password and username, that would be very easy, and if that doesn’t work then I can’t help you. You can have the time of you life browsing through here but for now Copy the file to an online storage service or a flash drive for later viewing. Or you can make yourself comfortable and keep looking through those files.


A virus is also very pretty bad, worse than a Spyware depending on how you look at it. A Virus can crash your computer easily, and probably do the same thing as a KeyLogger. I had two virus’s from a website called Miniclip about a year or two ago. After that I never went there again. Call me paranoid, especially now since I have about three security programs to clean and scan my computer. Also about two or three years ago I was listening to the radio and I heard about a virus called “Root Kiss” It’s a virus that installs itself on the target’s computer and basically tells the computer that it’s not there, And thus, it’s almost undetectable. Scary, Eh? That was two, Maybe three years back, With all the advances in technology that’s out there now, Think of what they could have come up with since then, It’s kinda scary. You could be reading this while your downloading a song/file/Program from somewhere and it could have a virus attached to it.

Another problem with your online security is Phishing websites. Phishing websites are actually a hackers website but it looks like, Maybe a Yahoo! login page so they can get your login I.D and password. It can work the same way, A hacker can disguise his/her website to look like your banking website and when you try to access your account they will get your credit card I.D and password, Or your access codes to access your bank account. It’s a mean world, The Internet is.

Read the following text:

Un-Lock all of your files

Temporary Internet Files

C:\Documents and Settings\your user here\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

To get your Temporary Internet Files do the following:

  1. Change the”your user here” To the user name of the account your looking at.
  1. Copy the new name (Was “your user here”) Into the address bad in “My Documents, My Computer or any file folder.

If you cannot view them on account of that someone has hidden them from view you can do two of the following:

1. Look on the left side of the window and click “Show The Contents Of This Drive” It might say folder, File etc, etc.

2. Or you can: Click “Tools” then “Folder Options” then there will be a tab at the top of the window reading “General”, “View”, and “File Types”. Click the tab reading “View”

3. Un-click the box/circle that the arrows are pointing at. Click ‘Apply” The window will automatically close after you click apply. !!NOTE!!:

Be sure to re-check the box/circles when you are done looking. Why check the box/circles back? So some of the more in-experienced computer users among don’t totally mess up you computer.


Temporary Internet Files


Almost all of the files in your Temporary Internet Files Folder are Cookies Some of these you Don’t want to open They can contain a nasty virus, Careful what you open!

A way to avoid opening a nasty virus would be to paste the Temporary Internet File address into the address bar, (After you’ve edited it to fit your needs) Then take away the “/Temporary Internet File” From the address. This will take you to the folder containing

The Temporary Internet Files folder, Then you can right click on the “Temporary Internet Files Folder” And scroll down till you see ‘Scan For Viruses” Click “Scan For Viruses”. This will open your security centers Virus Scan, If you don’t have a security center then click the following link: Virus Scanner to download

Why would I want to view my Temporary Internet Files? Well, Once you have opened your Temporary Internet Files you can look for the files that read “.txt” These files often contain Passwords How else would you stay signed in to Yahoo or any other email for any span of time if you didn’t have a cookie remembering your password for you? The answer is, You wouldn’t.

Is you computer Cookie enabled? You can know the answer if the cookie window (Temporary Internet Files Window) is empty when you open the window. To enable you cookies, do the following:

  1. Open up IE7 (Internet Explorer 7) And click “tools”
  2. Scroll down until you see “Internet Options” Click ‘Internet Options”
  3. You will then see a screen like the following: Internet Options
  4. Click the tab named “Privacy”
  5. You will then see a vertical bar the text above the vertical bar reads: “Select The Setting For The Internet Zone” Click the rectangular box and drag it down to one rung under the middle. Now your computer should then accept most cookies.


I was just checking the finding your Temporary Internet Files thing out and I found out that if you go through the files (bye going to C:\ then to Documents and Settings etc etc) you might not find Temporary Internet Files (you might find a file called Temp instead) and that’s not what you want, if that’s the case then you will have to copy this text: C:\Documents and Settings\your user here\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files and paste it in the run box under the start menu.

Make sure you change the your user here to the name of the user you want to see the Temporary Internet Files from.



Make sure that you set everything you change back to how it was, If you aren’t sure you will be able to remember !!DON’T TAKE A CHANCE!! Better to be safe than sorry in Some cases, This is one of them.

Check the security of your password

Enable Cookies

Enable Your Cookies

One Password To Rule Them All.

If you’re like most people, you have a few passwords that you use over and over again for many different accounts. You know this isn’t secure, yet you do it anyway. Why? Because it’s difficult to remember a unique password for each and every web site that requires one. If you use Mozilla Firefox then you can go under “Tools” scroll down until you see “Options” click “Options” Now click “Use a Master Password” follow the steps that follow.

Maybe you do use unique passwords, and get around the problem of remembering them by storing them in a spreadsheet or on a USB keychain. But now you’ve centralized your passwords and access to them becomes difficult while at work, a friend’s, or a public internet terminal. You can’t get to your passwords without carrying them around or publishing them on the internet. How inconvenient and unsafe! You could also put your passwords into a Notepad Document, the encrypt them on your zip drive. I use Pcrypt. It works as long as no one tries really hard to get in. Use the following link to make a strong password that you can remember.
Password Maker
A perfect example of a bad password is one that uses the user name as the password. I’ve come across this twice today at Rhapsody. My little brother was playing around and he got into not one but two rhapsody accounts. Dude, you need a better password.

Keep your computer running fast.

I have something like this article on my page Computer help but anyway, it kinda goes with both of these pages. I currently have Symantec Anti virus, AdAware 2007 and CCleaner on my computer, in addition to the normal security programs that come with your computer. CCleaner and AdAware are a must have program! They are perfect programs for the computer. Though they don’t come available to download for Mac as far as I know but most people run a PC anyway. CCleaner gets rid of all kinds of junk on your computer that Disk Cleanup wont ever get. The first time I ran it it got just about five giga bytes off my hard drive. AdAware found one hundred something files to get rid of that Symantec never found. All I can say is that’s AdAware and CCleaner are definitely a must have.

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