I’ve written a couple posts about Blogging, and I suppose that might be because it’s a subject I can keep writing and writing about, but it’s definitely a subject worth reading again and again about. Now if you’re a a blogger, or if you just like getting news about anything and everything that has to do with the Internet, getting email updates from ProBlogger.net is a must. I get email updates from ProBlogger.net, and every email I get from them I read, save and come back to. ProBlogger has given me some great tips over the weeks I’ve been subscribed to it, such as: How to craft titles that dram readers to your blog, Blog hosting, which hosts top blogs use and many more. An article that caught my attention especially though was when Darren, the head guy that runs ProBlogger went to someone’s website, that person kept linking back to other articles they had written, and he figured because of that that person probably got around 20 views, from just him, because that blogger linked to other posts they had written. Now that’s a great idea. If I go to your blog, assuming you have one, and read an article, and supposing I really like that article you wrote that I just read, if you have a link in or at the bottom of your article with another post you wrote on the same subject as the post I’m reading, then I’m going to go to that post and read it, where you will probably have linked to another one of your articles, and it goes on and on. That’s a great practice for bloggers to use.

“…It’s ironic that arguably the biggest challenges for a blogger come when they are least experienced–when their blog is just a few weeks or months old…”

That quote was from a ProBlogger post titled: How to grow a young blog with Stumbleupon, which, by the way, is a great article that if you have a blog, should definitely check out. But anyway. I have to totally agree with him, I wouldn’t necessarily say that my blog is still young, it’s probably around eight months old, but I don’t think it’s necessarily an “established blog” either, meaning that I don’t think very many people actually follow my blog, maybe just actually find it. But I get on average, 300 views a month, now that’s not bad, considering my first month I had 43 views. And I thought that was amazing.

  1. I found this article to be very interesting. I have already gone through and read many of your posts. They are amazing!

  2. zachdude1094 says:

    Thanks Harley, I’m glad you enjoy my website.

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